“Whitney’s got a style that reminds me a bit of what would happen if you combined Raymond Carver with Charles Bukowski, with a healthy dash of Tucker Max. Creepy sexual couplings and emotional pain filtered through a distant, near-minimalism ….  Whitney has a wonderful style that is distinctive, clean and extremely readable …. To have left such a collection of miserable people and experiences and finding myself thinking about the fine writing is no small authorial feat. If you are a fan of extremely short stories, bordering on flash fiction, you will want to give this collection a look, but mostly this collection is for the misery dwellers amongst us, myself included, who just want to experience the worst people bring to the table. If you are the sort who cannot help but listen to the couple arguing at the table next to yours at the restaurant, rubbernecking at the car crashes of human relationships, you’ll find much to love in this collection.”

—Anita Dalton, I Read Odd

“Experience sex and drugs from the seamy side of the tracks in this Canterbury Tales for adults…. This is not a “happy” book. In fact, it contains more realism than most people would like. But that just may be what makes it such a unique book …. [Whitney’s] brand of writing as well as his subject matter probably won’t appeal to everyone, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You should give this book a shot just see if you’re one of the unique readers that will become an instant fan.”

—Lynn Cunningham, Fresh Fiction

“Women face many different paths through their lives, and they impact all of them differently. 37 Stories About 37 Women is a collection of short fiction as Brian Whitney writes of these individuals and the challenges they face, going deep into the spice of sex, working women, and everything in between. No holds barred reading, 37 Stories About 37 Women is an enticing read that should prove hard to put down.”

—Midwest Book Review

“I wanted to hate the author for his callous attitude. I couldn’t quite manage that, though, because despite all the darkness, there are sparks of genius in this book.”

–Lisabet Sarai, Erotica Revealed

“Murky, lascivious tales of sex, relationships and addiction.”


“Whitney took me on a ride that made me question all I know about women, relationships and getting laid. What a funny, sexy, nasty little book.”

—Patrick Quinlan, author of Smoked

“A cross between McCarthy’s minimalism and Palahniuk’s transgressive fiction, Whitney’s prose is sexy, sardonic, and sparse. If music is the space between the notes, the beauty of 37 Stories is the space between the words. Whitney’s brilliantly salacious narrative is metered out without ebullience or judgment, leaving the reader to condemn or condone as he sees fit. A rare gem that is equally erotic and literary.”

—Glenn Hopper, writer and producer of The Hanged Man

“This electrifying collection of interwoven stories tells tales of appalling behavior that would be excruciatingly unbearable in other hands. I didn’t admire any of these characters but I sure wanted to know more about them. This book is as raw as fiction gets!”

—Mort Todd, Former Editor-in-Chief, Cracked magazine

“Raunchy, funny, and thoroughly disturbing, Whitney’s raw stories are as addictive as salty peanut from the first drug addicted mother to the final beaten girlfriend. The collection of stark vignettes unfolds in a manner not unlike what I’d imagine watching an autopsy performed on a particularly sexy corpse—albeit one with a huge, jiggly rear end. Cheers to the author’s world of happy, crack dealing exhibitionists, and naked cheaters hiding under too-small pillows. A vulgar and truly entertaining read.”

—Cole Alpaugh, author of The Turtle-Girl from East Pukapuka

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