Next Up: Am I Pleasing You?

amipleasingSo … my next book is coming out in a few months. You might wonder why I like to get inside the head of “nutcases.” My new collection, like 37 Stories, goes to some pretty bleak places, but I like to think that the humor is always there. Most of you know these people exist but have no interest in meeting them–the “real” them, at least. Chances are, you’ve met them already.

I’ve always been drawn to the crazy people—those that are considered strange or perverted. There’s so much darkness in so many minds, and everyone goes through their lives trying to hide it. These stories are about not hiding it. Even though I’m writing about the dark stuff, that’s not all there is to these characters. Everyone I meet is damaged in some way. Love isn’t simple. Just because someone does horrible things to you doesn’t mean you stop loving them. And you can do horrible things to someone and still love them completely.