Next Up: Am I Pleasing You?

amipleasingSo … my next book is coming out in a few months. You might wonder why I like to get inside the head of “nutcases.” My new collection, like 37 Stories, goes to some pretty bleak places, but I like to think that the humor is always there. Most of you know these people exist but have no interest in meeting them–the “real” them, at least. Chances are, you’ve met them already.

I’ve always been drawn to the crazy people—those that are considered strange or perverted. There’s so much darkness in so many minds, and everyone goes through their lives trying to hide it. These stories are about not hiding it. Even though I’m writing about the dark stuff, that’s not all there is to these characters. Everyone I meet is damaged in some way. Love isn’t simple. Just because someone does horrible things to you doesn’t mean you stop loving them. And you can do horrible things to someone and still love them completely.

I Love Press

Thanks to the folks at the quite cool for doing an interview with me. When I set out to write this book I never thought that I would soon have a deal with a fantastic independent press with a publisher that wasn’t afraid of my vision, or that my book would be attracting the attention of the independent media.

I just wanted to write a book that captured how men and women can be at their darkest places. Dark can be sexy, it can be erotic, and it can be honest. It can also be destructive as Hell. So use your dark accordingly.

Check out my interview.

37 Stories About 37 Women

Thanks for visiting my website and for checking out my book.

When I wrote 37 Stories About 37 Women I was alone for the first time in years. My marriage had ended and I sat by myself at the computer for weeks, writing.

These stories represent what really goes on in so many dysfunctional relationships. The betrayal, the lies, the sexual deviance. The main character in most of them is fighting some form of addiction or insanity. What form that is, the reader can decide for him or herself.

These stories are not just about the bad boy and why he does the things that he does to destroy lives. They are also about the women who involve themselves with the men such as these. Why do they stay and why do they debase themselves?

Some of you have never met anyone like the people in these stories. Others will recognize a friend, a former boyfriend or girlfriend, or even themselves.

I think everyone that reads them will be affected in a certain way. I challenge you to see for yourself.